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For the longest while, I thought I was good at communication. What I later found out was that I was good at talking and horrible at listening.
Communication is not just speaking; it is listening. In fact, if we don’t listen well, we will never communicate well.
So I want to share with you my top ten commandments for good communication.

Ten Commandments of Good Communication

1. I shall listen and not interrupt while the other speaks.
2. I shall not bring up past events to shame or belittle.
3. I shall not walk away in the middle of a conversation.
4. I shall not shout at your spouse or use sarcasm.
5. I shall not accuse/blame your spouse of wrongdoing
6. I shall not use silence to avoid communication: don’t go through the day without talking to each other.
7. I shall not use profanity with your spouse.
8. I shall speak the truth in love: disclosing my wants, feelings, and thoughts.
9. I shall remember that my spouse is not a mind reader.
10. I shall not go through a day without complimenting my wife.

Question: Which of these commandments do you need to work on?

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