What I am reading this week

I continue to believe the maxim that if we are to lead well, we must read well. In fact, I read with keen interest in Harvard Business Review the sad decline of reading in America and around the world.

Note how many business titans are or have been avid readers. According to The New York Times, Steve Jobs had an “inexhaustible interest” in William Blake; Nike founder Phil Knight so reveres his library that in it you have to take off your shoes and bow; and Harman Industries founder Sidney Harman called poets “the original systems thinkers,” quoting freely from Shakespeare and Tennyson. In Passion & Purpose, David Gergen notes that Carlyle Group founder David Rubenstein reads dozens of books each week. And history is littered not only with great leaders who were avid readers and writers (remember, Winston Churchill won his Nobel prize in Literature, not Peace), but with business leaders who believed that deep, broad reading cultivated in them the knowledge, habits, and talents to improve their organizations.

Whenever I meet with a couple for premarital counseling, one of the first questions I ask is, “What have you been reading lately about marriage?” What do you think most of these couples said to me? Nothing.

Reading is critical to spiritual, intellectual, spiritual and emotional growth. If you are a writer, you must be a reader.

Here are a few things I am reading these days:

5 Disciplines of a Growing Marriage
My wife and I wrote this book, and we highly recommend it to seasoned couples, to new couples, even singles who are thinking about getting married.

The Meaning of Marriage
An excellent book, written by Pastor Tim Keller and his wife, Kathy.

The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work
Though not written from a Christian perspective, this book by John Gottman is loaded with powerful insights for couples who desire to have a flourishing marriage.

I would also encourage you to read the bible. I tell couples that many if not all the books written about marriage find their ideas from Scripture. Read well, if you want to lead well

So what you are you reading this week? Share your comments below.

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