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About the book:

Most books about spiritual disciplines focus on your relationship with God. But what about your relationship with your spouse? In the style of a fable, this book journeys with a fictionalized couple as they work through their issues and demonstrate five key disciplines that can help you develop a spiritually dynamic relationship:

Prayer: This life-sustaining discipline may seem awkward at first, but it’s critical if your marriage is to weather life’s storms.
Worship: This communal discipline will help you tear down idols of the heart and remember who sits on the throne.
Simplicity: This underrated discipline encourages you to value having less and focus on what’s essential; eliminating distractions will strengthen your commitment to your marriage.
Study: This transformative discipline will help you dive into the timelessness of God’s word—the blueprint for living a godly life and keeping your marriage on track.
Perseverance: This discipline will help couples run the race with patience, remembering that loving one another and following Christ fly in the face of inborn selfishness.

The sweet reward of an enduring marriage is worth the work. Internalize these five disciplines, put them into action, and get ready for the inevitable blessings that will come your way!

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